Best Shoot Day

How to Prepare For an Awesome Shoot Day

Your success is our purpose. Without proper preparation, you could end up wasting time and money on hours of unusable footage. Here are a few things you can do to ensure the success of your shoot.

  1. Review the Purpose

  • Review the goals, style, and audience of your videos so they are fresh in your mind.

  • Viewers connect when they feel you are talking directly to them and giving them your finest.

2. Rehearse Your Script

  • Self-record with your phone and watch every take.

  • Practice looking at the lens and imagine your audience is looking back at you.

  • Overemphasize, enunciate, and be a little more animated than you normally are for the camera.

  • Smile at the start, smile at the end, and even do half-smiles throughout.

  • Keep rehearsing till it feels like you are not rehearsing anymore.

3. Wardrobe

  • Pick darker for lighter backgrounds, light for darker backgrounds.

  • Avoid stripes or highly-detailed repeating patterns.

  • Coordinate with your brand colors and color psychology.

  • Bring an alternate backup shirt, jacket, or dress.

  • Well-tailored, dark sold colors, and/or vertical lines are more slimming.

  • Glasses, let your producer know if you will be needing to wear them.

  • Makeup, bring what you normally wear for touch-ups.

  • Jewelry, wear what you need but if it is jangly and loud it will ruin audio.

4. Rest, Relax, and Hydrate

  • Bring your best self by avoiding alcohol and excessive sugar.

  • Stay hydrated so your skin glows.

  • Drink water and have snacks through-out the shoot.

  • Get to bed early.

5. Day of Presentation

  • Listen to the director and producer's advice, their job is to make you look good.

  • If you are using a teleprompter, look directly at the center of the teleprompter when reading so your eyes don't track. Practice.

  • Put inflection in your voice and smile a lot.

  • Overemphasize, enunciate and be a little more animated than you normally are.

  • Give a second before you respond to questions on camera so the editor has room to make their edits.

  • Hold your smile at the end and do not look away from the camera till you hear someone call cut.

  • Add extra room to your schedule for the shoot day, making changes takes time but it required to get it right.

Your time is valuable! We want your project to stay on time, on budget, and within scope.

Let's plan to make this Your Best Shoot Day!